December 28, 2020



Each store can nominate two Ambassadors who will receive twenty 10% off referral cards. The Ambassador can give the cards out to their network and will receive a credit of 10% discount of the total retail value of each card used. We are only accepting cards that are issued in Canada. All Canadian cards have a specific serial number for this purpose.

Here is how it will work:

  1. Nominate Ambassador – because you have 2 nominations, you might want to look at one existing customer and hold one for a new customer. But it’s up to you. Consider the person’s network, their Pedego experience. You can nominate them here:
  1. Cards – each approved ambassador will be sent twenty 10% discount cards to hand out. We will be sending the cards from Nelson. Each cards’ serial number will be associated with the ambassador for tracking.
  1. Discounts – when someone with a card comes in, please give them the 10% discount. Keep the discount card (we are going to reuse them) and send Jenna a copy of the invoice and a photo of the discount card serial number. Jenna will send alerts to the ambassador that they have credit.
  1. Credits – the ambassador needs to earn credit to cover 100% of the cost of a qualified Pedego product. We will not accept the credit as partial payment. If a new bike is the motivation of the Ambassador, then it’s in their best interest to ensure the 10% discounts are given to large ticket sales.

We introduce programs such as these in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. Please note that we may withhold awards/credits where we believe dealers/customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program.


Does not apply to Canada.