October 19, 2020

  1. ShipEarly – Mike and Jenna have a demo scheduled for next week with Nick to see how it can work in Canada. Stay tuned. 

  2. Pedego Social Assist – As per Jenna’s email from yesterday, you are free to participate in the program via Pedego US as Pedego Canada will not be making this investment.

  3. Element Warranty – no anti-theft available, 1-year standard warranty

  4. Google Business Listings – Cassidy talked about the importance of reviews and maximizing your business listing; this is something we agree with and have highlighted previously. We are going to automate a personalized email from each of your stores asking for a review after a bike is registered with Pedego Canada. This should motive timely registrations and also encourage happy and excited new customers to post their experience buying a Pedego. We suggest you also look at setting up post-rental automation with Fareharbour or your booking software.

  5. Advertising –  We have mentioned in the past that we have invested in organic search over paid advertising as Pedego Canada’s online strategy. A strategy that has proven to be effective and continues to help us gain authority with Google. Pedego US has not adopted the same philosophy and they are seeing their authority with Google dropping. They are also in a far more aggressive and competitive advertising landscape than Canada. As most of your seasons are wrapping up, we don’t really see this as the best time to invest into Google campaigns. We are starting to prepare our plan for 2021, which will once again include organic content. If you have any ideas for blog posts about electric bikes, Pedego Electric Bikes, about your area, your store, great products, etc. Please send them a long and we will see if they’ll have SEO value and potentially add them to our editorial calendar.