September 28, 2020


We are looking into how this will work in Canada:


Launching October 1st:


From Jim Gilbert of Pedego Fredericton:

?The most important thing is never waste an opportunity to grow your customer base. As we say in business never waste a recession… this time I am saying never waste a recall… this is a great opportunity to get old customer info updated and in the door and potential new customers in the door and their info in your system.

  1. You should always verify customer info and add it or update anyway.
  2. Use this as a opportunity to see if there is anything else you can do for them. You never know unless you ask…
  3. Ask if they have a friend or family member that may be interested in a Pedego bike? Who knows they might love to help you sell another bike.
  4. This is a great opportunity to Reinforce the value of buying a Pedego… they are being looked after… and then look after them..?Remember every one talks …. what a opportunity to create positive chatter about your shop and your awesome product…
  5. Smile and be positive when you talk to a customer. Even on the phone… people can feel your smile…

Hugs Jim