April 2, 2020


From Don’s neighbor, an oral surgeon:

The focus should be first universal face masks in ALL public areas to prevent asymptomatic carriers from spreading Covid 19. Testing will not do anything now because there is no plan to test the whole population, just the symptomatic patients; that’s like having a biased study to validate your preconceived assumption. Testing has minimal utility in this situation. Face masks are a better use of resources to allow everyone to be protected while slowing the spread. This is done in conjunction to hand washing.

What is more effective: 6 ft social distancing when you walk into someone’s respiratory aerosol in a park, or wearing a mask 1 ft away when this person if wearing a mask who can not create aerosol for others to breath?

When I do surgery I wear a mask to prevent me from coughing into a patient (along with scrubbing my hands). Why is wearing a mask in public with a known pathogen who’s main mode of infection is respiratory aerosol different? How does more testing achieve this when there is no plan to provide this to the common asymptomatic public? If the administration is so intent on starting up the economy, then why not figure out measures to allow society to start working again?! Are we expected to stay at home until a vaccine is made soonest by the summer of 2021?!

I propose that we follow the Asian countries who are operational and have proven that these measures are critical to allow society to continue. These countries either learned from SARS and was prepared culturally, or they were hit by Covid 19 and now have limited the spread while opening businesses and schools.


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