December 19, 2019


We’ll be sending a separate technical bulletin and have already begun mailing out this particular brand of grease: PLEASE USE THIS BRAND ONLY.


You can download the complete warranty details here, however, we are going to work towards a Canadian version of the manual (helmets in the photos and Canadian specific language:

We’ll let you know when you can order a starter kit that will include:

  • Booklet with complete warranty details
  • Stamp for 100 mile tune-up and annual service
  • Postcards for annual service reminder
  • Fabric for stand-up banner (3′ x 7.5″)

We’re working to improve the registration process. In the meantime, you can use an incognito or private browsing window to prevent the form from storing data. We’ve also added an optional secondary email field where you can enter your email address to get a confirmation email.